Become a leader and dominate your marketplace.

Grow your network one connection at a time.


GRID is a platform designed to help YOU—the real estate entrepreneur—succeed.

Are you ready to join the ranks of a talented leadership network and empower your business to the next level?


Are you looking to:

  • expand your influence

  • grow your network

  • attract more leads

  • close more business

  • invest in relationships

  • build your net worth

All while helping others succeed?

GRID gives leaders the platform they need to do all of those things. We help create opportunities for connections to happen.   


GRID began in 2007 with one agent’s vision to create opportunities for

Leading a GRID Chapter is a database building exercise.

Who are GRID Leaders?

Our leaders are experienced investors, attorneys, team leaders, CEOs, business owners, agents, and more.

They are people who believe in the power of contribution. They are leaders, innovators, and drivers who want to create MORE for their businesses, lives, and families.

What are the benefits?

Leadership Development


Steps to leadership

The process for becoming a GRID Leader is simple. It’s important we have the best possible local

STEP 1: Application

Once you possess a firm grasp of GRID and our approach and are ready to move forward, we will ask you to complete a no-obligation application. Each individual requesting affiliation must provide an application.

Apply here >

STEP 2: Virtual Interview

We will review your application in detail. If your experience meets our requirements and you appear to be a potential fit for leadership (and there is a location available to be launched in your marketplace), we will schedule a virtual interview with GRID Expansion leadership. All potential leaders must be present on the call.

STEP 3: Agreement

If we both agree that we are a good fit, we will prepare a GRID Leader Agreement for you to complete along with a billing authorization link and requested items. Once your information is your initiation fee + first month dues are processed, you will immediately begin on-boarding as a new GRID Leader in our network.



There are two ways to participate as a GRID Leader—as a facilitator or as an investor.


As a facilitator, your focus is on building community, inviting local experts to speak on each topic, moderating the conversation, and developing relationships. You serve as a connector for investors, vendors, and members.

Why participate as a facilitator?

Perhaps you’re an agent looking to grow your listing business. Perhaps you’re an owner of a title company looking to close more transactions. Not only will you be able to learn about investing from the best in order to grow your own portfolio, you grow your network in the process, which leads to more opportunities for your primary business.

In order to maintain credibility and provide the most accurate information possible to your membership, you MUST have an expert available to speak each meeting. Our facilitators use this as a tool to connect with successful local players in their marketplace to find


As an experienced investor, you may lead your events without a speaker. You are “the expert.” However, you may invite experts to any meeting (or all of them!) and if are not already an expert on the niche topic you’re presenting that month, we highly recommend you invite someone who can speak knowledgeably about that topic.

We look at several important criteria in qualifying GRID Leader. Individuals seeking application should meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Be substantially engaged in providing real estate services as an agent/broker with a minimum of 25% of your client-base being real estate investors

  • Have at least 3 years of proven, successful experience in any aspect of real estate investing, including: rehabbing, hard money lending, lending, wholesaling, or landlording

  • Have completed 5 or more investment-related deals in the past 24 months. *Must present proof of closed transactions.

Other requirements include:

  • Possess a track record of integrity-driven behavior in business ventures

  • A reputable presence on social media channels to demonstrate the ability to engage virtually with your members

  • Be a power networker or willing to rapidly expand your connections

  • Ability to adhere to a culture focused on high quality training and inclusive networking 

  • Be team-oriented and focused on contribution 

  • Have a strong desire to become a thought leader in your local market 

If you are unsure you meet our requirements, feel free to contact hello@gridinvestor.com.


GRID is a trust-based organization and your commitments as a Leader are straightforward.

Our Leaders commit to a one-year, renewable affiliation with GRID. Affiliation and entry begins when you receive approval and return your signed GRID Leadership Agreement and billing authorization form, covering the initiation fee and first month’s dues.

Your launch event must be no sooner than 30 days from and no later than 60 beyond that date.

A GRID Leader may terminate membership in GRID after the first full year of commitment, upon giving a written 90 day notice to GRID HQ.

You must do business (and preferably be headquartered) in the city for which you’re applying to lead a GRID Chapter.

A GRID affiliation is one location per application. Additional Chapters require additional agreements and fees.

GRID expects the affiliated Leader(s) to the primary organizer of GRID meetings. If this is found not to be the case, GRID reserves the right to revoke or not renew a license.

GRID requires facilitators to invite experts to present and share at all meetings. If this is found not to be the case, GRID reserves the right to revoke or now renew a license.

GRID licenses are non-transferable (without direct approval from GRID HQ)—you cannot transfer your GRID license to another individual. If you would like to relinquish your license to allow another organizer to run your group, you’ll need to seek approval of GRID HQ. The new Leader will need to fill out his/her own application.

What’s the investment?

Our model is simple.

One-time set up fee: $1,000

Monthly Dues: $500

Time and energy.

Launching, running, and nurturing a GRID Chapter can be an incredibly rewarding endeavor (both personally and financially). However, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Leading a group requires effort and focus.

While you’re not limited to how much profit share, sponsorship fees, and business opportunities you can create through our network, the success of each Chapter is dependent upon YOU, the leader.

We don’t believe in get rich schemes. Only in creating powerful connections that leads to wealth and legacy building over time.