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Become a leader

Maximize your influence and grow your business.



Experience the power of the network. 

We provide the resources and training to start, expand, and leverage a real estate focused group. You provide the passion and energy to make it a success for you and your members.


25% of my listing business comes directly from our monthly investor meetings.

— Rob Chevez, Grid Founder and CEO of The CAZA Group



Grow as a leader and organizer. 

Lead a community of entrepreneurs through education and networking-focused events. Be seen as the expert and grow a network of members in your community who become your clients, friends and advocates.




Maximize your exposure. 

Launch your group with a proven brand on a proven platform. Utilize the best technology to help you expand, manage, and monetize your local database. Leverage an existing network of connected groups. Multiple locations. One mission.

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When I started the meetup it was a way to meet new people in the community. 

Little did I know where this would take us!  Today, the Grid contributes 25% of my company’s Gross Commission Income.  It has provided me the opportunity to find talented people for my business and has increased my profit share within Keller William Realty. 

In addition, it consistently provides me investment opportunities to grow my wealth and has increased my leadership and public speaking skills.  Most importantly, it has enriched my network of awesome people that impact my life and my business. 

The power is in the network!

— Rob Chevez

Grid Founder | Grid Reston | CEO of The CAZA Group

I started real estate investing with no experience.  

Been to several other trainings and groups, but did not really get what I needed to launch my business until I met The CAZA Group in Reston in 2011.  

With the guidance of Rob and Mark, I started rehabbing part time while still maintaining my full time job as a IT Project Manager.  

Within 2 years, I replaced my job and now average about 12-15 deals per year. From this experience, I have decided to pay it forward by conducting my own CAZA group in Haymarket, have trained over 200 students through our bootcamp program and continue my business expansion.  I give credit to CAZA Reston for getting me started.  Thanks CAZA!

— Nhan Lam

Grid Gainesville | Owner of Fortune Homes Team