The Flip Files

Go behind the scenes of real-life CAZA Construction projects with Mark Beckett to learn best practices and tricks of the trade.

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Don't Close-In Without a Close In(spection)

Know Thy Neighbor.. And What's In His Yard

Block Party

Stairway to Nowhere

Yes, All Those Numbers Mean Something

Add a Bath = Added Value

Cat Stink Fever

Scribbling All Over Your House


Check Yo Tile Before They Wreck Yo Tile

We Don't Need No Stinking Spindles

You Gotta Use Protection

Spread ‘Em

Sometimes, It Just Don't Make Sense

Hope This Guy Didn't Have Plans...

How to Avoid Getting Pink Toilets

Going Long & Keeping it Straight

We Build Houses, Not Birdbaths

Check it Up, Switch it, Mark it Down

All the World's a Staged

In the Trenches

Our Silt Fence is Super, Thanks for Asking

To Create, We Must Destroy

Huff & Puff...You Won't Blow This House In

They Were in the Foreman's Truck, Duh!

Get Off on the Right Foot(er)

No More Flushy Flushy