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Join us for the first-ever annual GRID Up Mastermind—a day dedicated to wealth building.

GRID Up is designed with one purpose in mind—to help you focus on creating and executing a wealth building plan. This is an opportunity to network with other talented leaders in our network and learn from people who are well into their wealth-building journey.

Reston Association

12001 Sunrise Valley Dr, Reston, VA 20191

9:00—1:00 PM

We will cover topics including:

✔️ Personal finance and investing

✔️ Simple strategies to make you rich

✔️ Using self-directed IRAs

✔️ Buy and hold investing


Email jessica@gridinvestor.com

*Registration is required. 100% FREE. Limited exclusively to GRID Leaders and CAZA agents (and their families).

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I have a deep desire to help families build wealth and legacy.

— Rob Chevez, GRID Founder and CEO of The CAZA Group