Local Sponsorship

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Local Sponsors (1).png

Local Sponsorship

250.00 every month for 6 months

This requires a 6 month minimum.

This is a mutual relationship.

You may contact prospective sponsors not included on these lists without prior approval from TED.

Editorial independence:

  • Sponsors must have no editorial control or influence over your program curation.

  • TED staff should be the sole spokespeople for TED and the TEDx program as a whole. Route requests for interviews with TED staff to TEDxPR@TED.com. Please ask all journalists and/or bloggers be respectful of the difference between the TED and TEDx brands. The 'x' in 'TEDx' stands for "independently organized events." Let them know that any headline or text which implies "TED" is coming to [location] is misleading. Any inquiry regarding TED should be directed to: TEDx Media Liaison, TEDxPR@ted.com

  • Members of the press are not allowed to film or videotape your TEDx talks. Once talks are edited, you can share your selections with the media.

Grid sponsorships programs are designed with our membership in mind. We look to serve our community by offering services and guidance from the best in the local market. We believe in and are investing in long term relationships.

Examples of partners

Property Management

Title Company

Hard money lender

Private lender



Junk Removal
Each sponsorship must be approved by the local leadership.

Tier 1: $100/month (

Tier 2: $250/month (

Guideline 1: No selling from the stage If it's essential to a talk that the speaker mention what they do and describe the businesses that they're in, they should. But speakers may never use the TED or TEDx stage to pitch their products or services, plug their books, or ask for funding. It's a fine line between shameless self-promotion and wholesome self-reporting so, as a rule of thumb, if it feels like an advertisement, it probably is. Guideline 2: No political agendas Politics and policy are key parts of the global conversation. But the TED and TEDx stages are not the place for partisan politics, nor for extremist or inflammatory positions. Speakers should not advocate for parties, party platforms and political leaders in their talks -- nor should they insult or belittle political adversaries. Advise speakers to focus on discussing concrete problems and solutions. Guideline 3: No religious proselytizing (including new age beliefs) Don't book speakers who attempt to prove or persuade of the correctness of a single religion, deity or belief system, whether through rhetoric or "scientific proof." Be wary of speakers promoting new age beliefs, including concepts such as quantum consciousness, Gaia theory, archaeoastronomy, and drug-induced spiritual epiphanies. Speakers can be honest about their beliefs, but should not use the stage to promote them.


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