Jason Stubblefield


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Jason is an acquisitions manager, real estate agent + investor in VA.

Jason provides safe, profitable, and stable investment vehicles for investors. He spends his time helping others take charge of their own finances and futures by investing in multifamily real estate. We all fulfill our personal purpose better when we have the resources to do so.

Jason spent four years in the United States Marine Corps being instilled with the values of honor, courage, and commitment, as well as good work ethic. After his enlistment, he earned a bachelor's degree in computer science.

For years, he had been developing software solutions for various government agencies. Then he decided to take an in-depth look at his retirement options. He quickly realized that social security is not likely for my generation and was left with a disturbing and ominous reality: Either he could take charge of his retirement future or he would be at the mercy of a failing institution.

After researching various investment strategies for long-term wealth, Jason discovered multifamily real estate to be one of the most profitable tax-advantageous solutions available. He proved the concept to himself and then invited other investors to join him.

Jason is driven and passionate about helping everyday investors with aspirations of generating long-term wealth, making dreams a reality.

SNS Capital Partners specialize in purchasing + improving multifamily properties.

They buy income-producing properties and focus on stabilization within a 3 – 5 year time frame. We offer affordable housing opportunities and create the necessary jobs to service tenants and make timely repairs and necessary upgrades. Our focus is on bettering the rental experience for our tenants while increasing revenue through added value and forced appreciation.

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