John Rubino


JID Investments

John is a entrepreneur + real estate investor in VA + DC.

John has extensive knowledge and experience in real estate investment, lending, development, construction, consulting, marketing + sales. He currently serves as COO, Founder/Partner at JID Investments LLC, small business owner at Centerview Title Group and Director of Business Development at R&F Commercial Debt and Equity; three highly successful real estate investment companies.

John is directly responsible for the execution of project management, strategic investment, marketng/advertisement, business development and borrower financing on over thirty real estate projects. He is also a passionate and accomplished United States Naval Officer & Naval Aviator with 20 years of honorable active duty service.

JID Investments (JIDI) is a South Carolina limited liability company with offices in Fairfax County, VA + Hilton Head, SC.

JIDI seeks to secure high yield returns with medium risk by providing investment capital to individuals and businesses with viable real estate, business and/or investment opportunities primarily operating in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Statistical Area, Mid-Atlantic and South Atlantic real estate markets. JIDI strives to participate in projects that provide investors an annual return on investment of at least 15% - 20%.

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