Josh Cohen


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Josh Cohen is a lifetime serial entrepreneur.

He knew it from the time he first started toying with computer programs in high school. Josh spent many years working at a top research facility as an electronics engineer and later a program manager solving the impossible problems.

During this time he found another passion in life in real estate investment. His company NOVA Express Buyers was one of the most active real estate buyers in parts of Fairfax County, VA during the Great Recession. Buying distressed assets from banks using private money became a passion.

In 2014, he founded a new company DC First Properties with the most talented person on the planet, that once in a generation talent, his older sister Elana Newman. At DC First Properties they lead a team that focuses on purchasing older properties with a value add component either through renovation or operation in the Mid-Atlantic and NE regions.

A large part of their business is buying older houses in the DC metro region for re-development. Today, he is an active speaker, real estate investment club leader, and emerging author.

DC First Properties is a family owned + operated real estate company.

Josh and Elana (brother and sister) were always close friends, each with different skill sets. They decided to team-up and work together in 2013.

DC First Properties strives to treat their clients like members of their own extended family. While selling a home can be a difficult and drawn-out process, they aim to give you fair market value, while making the selling process simple and stress-free.

We can close on your house in as little as 7 days (or any time table that works best for you), and we put $10,000 earnest money down when we buy a property.  We’ve built a strong and lasting business by putting our clients first. Every interaction we have with our clients is driven by our our company’s core values of integrity, respect, and professionalism.

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