Neil Roseman


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Neil is a real estate investor + business owner in MD.

Neil Roseman is the owner of Block M Investments. Neil has been lending money since 2005 and has funded over 650 loans throughout Maryland. Block M investments lends money buy/rehab/sell and is one of the only lenders that lends money with 5 year amortizations for rental properties and businesses.

Neil is also the owner of LeadProbe, a lead paint inspection company and LodeStar Inspection services a home inspection company.

LeadProbe, Inc. is a lead testing company specializing in landlord lead paint testing.

LeadProbe is owned and operated by Neil Roseman and services the entire state of MD and the District of Columbia. LeadProbe has carried out thousands of inspections and has over 4,000 clients. The majority of inspections are at houses and apartments, but they have also inspected schools, churches, warehouses, military bases, courthouses and hospitals.

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