Tom Parmentier


Max House Price

Tom is a real estate investor in MD.

In December of 2018, Tom launched MaxHousePrice, with his business partner Bryan Felder. MaxHousePrice is creating a new market for home sellers where they pay for and complete renovations to help sellers net more money at sale. They envision a future where they will take their collective experience of Tom scaling and growing a real estate investment company, and Bryan scaling and growing a referral based residential real estate team, to become a business that will serve their clients, contractors, partners, employees and communities in the DMV.

MaxHousePrice offers solutions for homeowners who are looking to net more when they sell.

Selling a Less-Than-Perfect House Can be Scary

Your home is your largest investment so why would you leave money on the table? The stress, uncertainty and lack of options can keep you up at night. Finding an option while working with someone with your best interest in mind can leave you in despair.

Stress-Free Renovations. Home Sold Fast. You NET MORE at Sale.

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