This network has given me the confidence to move ahead with my business. It gave me the opportunity to step back and reflect on what I do, how well I do it, and where I can improve together with the toolkit to progress.

— Yukiko Nakayama

Grid consistently does a excellent job and because of that, they attract a great group of people for meeting and networking. The format is planned, orderly, and each meeting has the right balance of presentation and networking time.

— Alexa Evans

 Great opportunity to meet other investors, CPAs, realtors and lenders.

— Charlie Wu

Like going to a school on investing but without the tuition and even better. Networking is great.

— Wayne Goode Sr.

Very informative. Very useful. Great content, Well organized. These guys are doing brilliant job! One of the best meetup group. Thanks for setting this up! 

— Krys

Grid is exactly the kind of group I had been looking for as a new investor with a lot of questions and not sure who to trust for answers. 

— Elise Browning

You can make a lot of money with this million dollar Rolodex group of people. Stay connected and you can get everything needed with like minded people to properly invest in RE.

— Joe Tamres

Superb! Better than all of the other REIA's where we pay hard earned money to attend their functions for less. Less information. Less knowledge. Less real life experience. Less helpfulness.

— Michael Paczak